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Ambrotose AO 60 Caps

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Ambrotose AO (60 caps)- Designed specifically to support immune function and help guard against oxidative stress.  

Ambrotose Complex 100g

$146.99 $112.50

Ambrotose Complex (100g)- Mannatech's long time most popular Product!

Ambrotose Life 100g

$161.99 $125.50

Ambrotose LIFE (100g)- The most important product you can take for your overall health!

Ambrotose Life Sticks - Citrus - (EXPIRED)

$98.99 $45.00

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Ambrotose LIFE slimsticks (15 pack)- Our newest Ambrotose product in a convenient, citrus-flavored form for ease of once a day dosing.  

Specials Products


$82.99 $65.50

Empact+ slimsticks (30 pack)- This product provides a "HEALTHY" way to increase energy, recover faster, and reduce fat!


$34.99 $25.50

MannaBears (120 gummies)- We all know how difficult it is to get kids to eat healthy, which is why our "BEARS" are so important. Kids love them and they contain important Glyconutrients as well as Vitamin C. There is no artificial sweeteners!


$54.99 $49.99

This product has been discontinued. 

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Men's PRIME7 (90 caps)- More than just a testosterone booster or stand-alone prostate support.  All men over 45 would benefit from this product!


$54.99 $49.99

This product has been discontinued.

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Women's PREMIER7 (90 caps)- This product helps your body's response to stressors and helps improve mood, energy, and libido! 

About KiwanisMarketing

A little over four years ago I was introduced to Mannatech’s “Tru Health Program” by a friend that knew I was under doctor’s orders to lose weight due to health concerns, and having difficulty.

My doctor wanted me to lose at least 20 pounds, and had given me six months to get it done! Sounded simple enough and I was doing good for the first two months dropping 10 pounds.

Over the next two months I wasn’t able to lose a pound, in spite of cutting back more on calories, and increasing the amount of time at the gym.

Most Recent Product Reviews


Energy with no jitters

I’ve been drinking Glycocafe now for a couple of months, and I really enjoy the taste and I don’t get the “shakes” like I used to with regular coffee. I also, don’t have fog brain later in the day. And saving money as I don’t go to the local coffee shop

Jennifer (25 years old)

Couldn't have done it before

Yesterday I had a long day. I was driving home from Boston. When I got home, I had to vacuum the house, then I went for a walk up the hill my hill. Then planned to go meet up with my sister and talked to about midnight. I never could have done this before without the Mannatech products.

Rose (79 years old)

Great product!

I used this product as a way to follow my doctor’s orders to drop some extra weight, I lost 42 pounds in the first 60 days and have more energy than I’ve had in years!

Mark S.


For several years I suffered with “hot flashes” until I started taking “PLUS”. With-in six weeks they completely disappeared! Thank you for an awesome product.

Lisa S.

Like I was 20

I was fit and pretty healthy at 50 I wanted to be able to ride my mountain bike like I was still 20. After 2 months of taking Ambrotose, Sport and Catalyst I noticed a real improvement. Now at 57, I can still power up the hills.

Ron (57 years old)

No problems with moving!

I'm 81 yrs. old and have been using Ambrotose for many years. I do a lot of physical activities and find that I do not have problems with sore muscles or stiff joints.

Jerry (81 years old)

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