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Mannatech’s TRU Health Fat Loss Program includes a meal replacement protein shake component which can be used to make delicious smoothies that will help anyone with fat loss.  Here are a few of our favorite recipes:

  1. Chocolate/banana smoothie- Into a large blender start off adding two cups of Almond milk (30 calorie) and a hand full of ice cubes. Once the blending begins add a banana, a tbs. of flax seed oil (or virgin olive oil). And four scoops of TRU Plenish Chocolate Shake mix. Blend completely.  This makes two 16 once servings. You can share with your partner or put one in the frige for later.
  2. Vanilla Fruit Smoothie- Starting with a large blender and two cups of Almond Milk, you add your hand full of ice cubes and a banana, but then add a half cup of your favorite fruit (we like to mix things up by adding different fruit all the time). Then add in your flax seed or virgin olive oil and final put in four scoops of TRU Plenish Vanilla shake mix.
  3. COFFEE Wake Up Smoothie- Like the previous smoothie recipes, start with two cups of Almond milk, ice, flax seed oil, and a banana. Then all four scoops of TRU Plenish Vanilla, two slim sticks of GlycoCafe, and two packets of Splenda.

Additional notes:

  1. You can substitute 1% or Skim milk for the Almond Milk.
  2. The flax seed (or olive) oil is used to add “good fat” to your diet which is important on a basically “fat free” diet.
  3. You may find that the above smoothies are actually too filling, so you can cut the amount of shake mix in half which reduces the protein and calories, makes them less filling, and saves $$$.
  4. You can cut the recipe in have to make a single serving if you like but putting half in a shaker bottle for later (fridge or cooler) gives you a second shake later in the day with no additional effort.
  5. GlycoCafe is Mannatech’s delicious and healthy instant coffee which also make a great tasting hot or iced coffee drink.

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