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Tru Health Fat Loss Program: I used this product as a way to follow my doctor’s orders to drop some extra weight, I lost 42 pounds in the first 60 days and have more energy than I’ve had in years!
-Mark S.

PLUS: For several years I suffered with “hot flashes” until I started taking “PLUS”. With-in six weeks they completely disappeared! Thank you for an awesome product.
-Lisa S.

I was fit and pretty healthy at 50 I wanted to be able to ride my mountain bike like I was still 20. After 2 months of taking Ambrotose, Sport and Catalyst I noticed a real improvement. Now at 57, I can still power up the hills.
-Ron (57 years old)

Yesterday I had a long day. I was driving home from Boston. When I got home, I had to vacuum the house, then I went for a walk up the hill my hill. Then planned to go meet up with my sister and talked to about midnight. I never could have done this before without the Mannatech products.
-Rose (79 years old)

I'm 81 yrs. old and have been using Ambrotose for many years. I do a lot of physical activities and find that I do not have problems with sore muscles or stiff joints.
-Jerry (81 years old)

I’ve been drinking Glycocafe now for a couple of months, and I really enjoy the taste and I don’t get the “shakes” like I used to with regular coffee. I also, don’t have fog brain later in the day. And saving money as I don’t go to the local coffee shop.
-Jennifer (25 years old)

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