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About Kiwanis marketing

A little over four years ago I was introduced to Mannatech’s “Tru Health Program” by a friend that knew I was under doctor’s orders to lose weight due to health concerns, and having difficulty. My doctor wanted me to lose at least 20 pounds, and had given me six months to get it done! Sounded simple enough and I was doing good for the first two months dropping 10 pounds. Over the next two months I wasn’t able to lose a pound, in spite of cutting back more on calories, and increasing the amount of time at the gym. That’s when my friend suggested Mannatech, and specifically their Tru Health Fat Loss Program. I figured I had nothing to lose….but those ten extra pounds! I ordered a month’s supply.

My lovely wife Lisa joined me on the Program, even though she had always had a hard time losing in the past. We each committed to try the Program for 90 days and see what happened. The results were simply AMAZING! I dropped 30 pounds in that 90 day period exceeding the goal set by my doctor by 20 pounds! Lisa, who had never lost any weight dieting in her life, dropped 20 pounds in the same 90 day period! We both felt a lot better, and my doctor was “blown away” by the results of all my blood work! That is when I made my second decision about Mannatech, I decided to learn more about their other products and use that knowledge to continue improving our health as well as helping friends and family improve their health.

The more we found out about various Mannatech products the more we were able to help others, which was truly AWESOME. During this time I also started learning more about the income potential and career opportunity that Mannatech provides it’s distributors. We started enrolling distributors and helping them start building customer bases, which in turn helped us start growing a decent part time income. It didn't happen “overnight” but before we knew it we were earning incentive trips to some really great places where we got to make friends with other serious Mannatech distributors. Our first incentive trip was to a great resort in Arizona, since then we’ve been on a Cruise to Alaska and another cruise to the Western Carribean. Had COVID not messed up the plans, we would have been in Costa Rica on our fourth incentive last year, making four great trips earned in four years! (We are scheduled to do Costa Rica this Fall.)

In our efforts to expand our Mannatech business we’ve come in contact with thousands of people. Thanks to Social Media we have Associate Distributors and customers now in five countries, but we are always looking to share both the products and opportunity with more people. One of the things we have heard many times is, “The products are GREAT, but they are too expensive so we stopped taking them.” The main goal of KIWANISMARKETING is to provide high quality Mannatech products at the lowest possible prices so more customers can afford them. Check out our prices and you’ll find they are lower than even Mannatech Wholesale. For those that want/need even lower prices we have programs that we can set you up to with that include additional discounts for automatic orders.

When COVID hit last year the whole world changed! A lot of people found themselves out of work. Millions of people needed to find ways to supplement their income, while also “Social Distancing”. At the same time EVERYONE was concerned about immune system support. All these factors working in concert caused a significant increase in the interest in home based business, especially businesses that distributed products with PROVEN results in promoting enhanced immune system support! This caused me to put together a New Associate Training Program for people that wanted to join our sales team with the combined goal of improving their health, enhancing their immune system, getting the lowest possible prices, and earning at least a few hundred dollars a month in additional income.

So there you have it! We are here to help people improve their health, save money, and even (for those that are interested) create additional income. Check out our prices, contact us with questions, and if you want more information about the income opportunity let us know, we’ll be happy to provide you information (NO PRESSURE) and help you any way we can.

I would ask you one favor, if you don’t mind. Forward a copy of the link to this page to all your friends to help us spread the word. Some of your friends might have a health issue we can help with, or might be looking for a little additional income….. you never know.

Roy & Lisa Goodwin

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