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Medical study after study supports the need for vitamin supplementation to maintain optimal health.  There are two important reasons:  First, the foods we consume no longer contain the vitamins and minerals they used to!  This because they are, for the most part, grown in depleted soils, and then they are harvested before they fully ripen so they have a longer “shelf life” from harvest to purchase.  By harvesting before the produce is fully ripened the time period need to take up the vitamins and miners is shortened.  Ever wonder why store bought tomatoes don’t taste as good as those grown in your garden?

The second reason is that we have much higher levels of tokens in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat.  Our bodies need a full complement of vitamins to fight the adverse effects of all these toxins.  Mannatech’s “Catalyst Multivitamin Tablets” are high quality plant based vitamins and minerals designed to give your body the supplementation it needs.  As an online vitamin seller, Kiwanis Marketing is proud to distribute Catalyst Multivitamin Tablets because, unlike most multivitamin products on the market today, they are plant based.  Most vitamins sold today are manufactured for petrochemicals and their minerals are sourced from ground up rocks.  Our bodies weren’t designed to get vitamins and minerals from petrochemicals and rocks, they were designed to get what they need from plants and animals.  As a result our plant based vitamins are more “bioavailable” so our bodies can actually process what we need from them.  The artificially engineered and manufactured vitamins on the market may be less expensive, but most of what you take goes straight through you and into the sewer system.

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