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Big News about Ambrotose® Complex!

As a Mannatech Independent Supplier for years now, we have many loyal customers that regularly order Ambrotose Complex and swear by the benefits. However we also have had a number of customers that wouldn’t try the product because they are vegan. Here is today’s BIG NEWS from Mannatech:
If you’re already a fan of Mannatech’s classic Ambrotose® Complex (100 g) (37101) for its digestive and cognitive support, now there is one more reason to love it. As you know, for years Ambrotose Complex has contained Glucosamine sourced from shellfish, making it non-vegetarian. Now by popular demand, Mannatech offers the same impressive Ambrotose Complex formula, but now it’s vegan!
This latest formulation contains Glucosamine sourced using a fermentation process from non-GMO plants. The result is an even better formula for you and your family.
Scientific studies show that Ambrotose Complex:
 Helps support proper digestive system function.
 Promotes gastrointestinal health.
 May enhance recall and recognition memory.
 May improve mood and decrease irritability.
 Supports important cell-to-cell communication through a blend of specific plant saccharides called Glyconutrients.
Ambrotose Complex is now better than ever!
For more information on Ambrotose Complex, or any of the other fine Mannatech products, reach out to us. Mannatech has the best nutritional supplements available anywhere to help you improve your health, immune support, digestive support, skin care, and general wellness.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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