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Energy drinks are a significant market, with estimated annual sales in the US alone of over $48 Billion!  The problem is that most of the drinks on the market are NOT HEALTHY!

Most of these drinks are processed sugar and a stimulant (caffeine).  As soon as they are ingested you get a “sugar rush” followed by the caffeine kicking in.  Almost instant energy!

The problem is 30-60 minutes later the energy is gone and you start feeling less energetic than before you drank the product.  This causes people to take a second, and sometimes third, drink in an attempt to keep their energy level high.  You ingest a LOT of processed sugar (not good!) while maxing out on stimulants that can actually be harmful.

The “sugar rush” is short lived because as soon as your sugar level “spikes” your body starts releasing insulin to counter act the sugar surplus.  Insulin knocks down your sugar level quickly sending the surplus sugar to STORAGE.  Your body “stores” this excess sugar/energy as FAT.  The insulin level takes much longer to go down than it takes the sugar to be stored, leaving you feeling lethargic.   The caffeine can’t overpower the jolt of insulin, so these stimulants in your system (potentially causing harm to your heart and other organs) aren’t providing additional energy. This is when you reach for that second, or third, energy drink restarting the cycle!

As a Mannatech Independent Distributor, I recommend Empact+ to my customers.  With no processed sugar or artificial stimulants, Empact+ doesn’t cause you to build up fat and it eliminates the “boom to bust” cycle.  Empact+ is a proprietary blend of “B” vitamins that helps your cardiovascular system increase the amount of available oxygen in the blood.  Your body uses oxygen to convert stored energy (fat) to available energy, and the process lasts for 8-10 hours.

I start every day with a refreshing drink made up of Empact+ and Ambrotose LIFE to give me consistent energy in a very healthy way all day.  For more information on the best nutritional supplements you can purchase, contact a Mannatech Product Supplier

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