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Healthy Fat Loss

One of the more popular “New Year’s Resolutions” is the promise to drop some weight.  Of course, what we all want to lose is the extra FAT.  Losing fat, in a healthy way, is a great goal for anyone.  However, most will drop some weight and then go right back to their old habits putting it right back on!  This is typical “Yo-Yo Dieting” which is very unhealthy and accomplishes little except frustration.  A more sensible approach involves “healthy fat loss”.

There are three components to healthy fat loss: Exercise, cutting back calorie intake, and maintaining nutritional support.  Exercise burns calories and builds muscle tissue, which supports an elevated metabolic rate increasing your fat burning ability.  Cutting back on calorie intake is obvious, but simply starving yourself certainly isn’t “HEALTHY”!

Nutritional support is an essential component, yet one that is often ignored.  As a Mannatech Independent Distributor I am often asked to suggest the best nutritional supplements to both improve and maintain optimal health, which is especially important when dieting and exercising.

I always recommend what worked for me (when I dropped 30 pounds in 90 days): Ambrotose LIFE to support cellular communication, Catalyst Multivitamin tablets to supplement my diet, and a good plant-based protein meal replacement shake (TruPlenish).  This combination, with healthy meals, assures your body is getting what it needs, while minimizing fat intake.

Once you get to your desired weight,  suggest the TruHealth Maintenance program to help you stay there.  For all the information you need on getting healthy contact your local Mannatech products supplier.

(NOTE: Diets without adequate protein will cause muscle tissue loss which decreases your metabolic rate making it more difficult to keep the fat from coming back!)

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