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As a Mannatech Independent Distributor I am often asked to recommend the best nutritional supplements available.  One concern many have is for the best vitamin supplementation.

Many modern diets fail to supply the body with all it needs for optimum health. This means you may not be getting enough nutrients every day. That’s where NutriVerus™ multivitamin comes in. It provides naturally sourced vitamin and mineral complexes to help you absorb more of what your body can use. With potent amounts of vitamin D and a powerful antioxidant formula, this powder protects and promotes better immunity. In addition to vitamin D, NutriVerus contains a full complement of all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Bolster your diet with real-food nutrition by taking NutriVerus multivitamin today!

The product comes in powder form in a convenient canister making it easy to add to any food or drink.  For small children that might be difficult to get a balanced meal (or vitamins) into, Mannatech has MannaBears for kids, and just release new “Mighty Bears”.  These two products contain a mix of essential vitamins and minerals and come in the form of fun to eat “gummies” that kids enjoy.

Two other great multivitamin products for the family are Catalyst multivitamins tablets and PhytoMatrix.  In addition to plant based vitamins and minerals these products contain glyconutrients from Aloe.

FUN FACT: The minerals found in NutriVerus multivitamin are from plants grown hydroponically in a mineral-rich broth. This means that your body is able to get minerals—that are vital to health—naturally!

For more information on NutriVerus, or any of the other fine Mannatech products, contact us today!

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