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A few fun facts: 

1.  Our bodies need hormones to support all our glands and to provide optimal communication between our internal organs.

2. Our bodies were not designed to get hormones from the food we eat.

Many of the systems in our bodies are controlled by various glands, so keeping those glands healthy is VERY IMPORTANT!  We can’t do that without optimum levels of hormones. Our bodies were designed to produce the hormones we need while we sleep, and then direct them to our glands as needed.  To produce these hormones we need very specific nutrition, much of which is not found in our regular diets.

As we age the production of hormones slows down making it more important to provide our bodies what they need. As a Mannatech Products Supplier, we have the best hormonal support for women in our “PLUS” tablets. These tablets, taken daily, often eliminate “hot flashes” and can significantly reduce PMS (both caused by low hormone levels!).  We have found that younger women will also benefit with significantly less “discomfort” during those “uncomfortable” times of the month!

PLUS” is also important for men to maintain prostrate health.  The prostrate is a gland, and anyone concerned about prostrate health would benefit from taking this product.  The prostrate controls testosterone production which, in turn, effects the ability to maintain muscle mass and endurance.  It is due to reduced levels of natural hormones that many men suffer from prostrate related problems like ED, loss of muscle mass, and decreased endurance levels. 

As a Mannatech Independent Distributor I suggest all my customers take "Ambrotose LIFE" to support cellular communication, and that they add the "Optimal Support Packets", which includes Plus as well as AO (our best Immune Booster Supplements), and "Catalyst Multivitamin" Tablets to cover all the bases.  These are the very best nutritional supplements on the market.

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