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Skin Care 1.0

The largest organ in our body is our skin!  Like all the other organs, our skin plays an important roll in our life and health.  While most of us (especially us guys) don’t give much thought to skin care, we certainly should.

Being totally honest here, I was one of those guys that never paid much attention to my skin until I became a Mannatech Independent Distributor!  I needed to learn more about our line of skin care products so I could answer questions asked by my customers, so I ordered the full line of Uth Skin Care Products and Lisa and I started using them.

Most women reading this already understand the importance of a good facial cleanser to remove make up, as well as how a good moisturizer can help your skin stay soft and avoid fine lines and wrinkles, so I won’t talk about those products today.  I will talk about three of our other products, and explain why they are important.

Uth Emprizone is a gel that comes in a convenient tube.  Made from Aloe, it has amazing healing properties, and is a product that EVERYONE should keep in their medicine chest, boat, camper, and vacation home!  Uth Emprizone works amazingly fast to relieve the pain of sunburn as well as the itch from bug bites and poison ivy.  It helps scrapes and minor cuts heal much faster and can clear up a rash faster than anything else I have ever tried.  Families with children will find regular uses for this product and be very happy to have it on hand where ever they go.

Women will love our Uth Skin Rejuvenation Cream!  After removing your make up and moisturizing, rub in this Rejuvenation cream and you’ll be amazed by the increased elasticity of your skin as well as how those tiny lines will start to disappear.  Lisa had me take pictures of her before she started using these products daily and then again after 30 days… I swear she looked five years younger after just the first 30 days!

Last we have our Uth Firm.  This is a great full body moisturizer for after your bath/shower, but it also has an amazing ability to help scar tissue heal quickly.  Any scar, even those a few years old, can benefit from several applications daily.  Uth Firm has also been known to help significantly reduce stretch marks.

I hope you’ll find these tips helpful to take better care of your body’s largest organ.  If so search out your nearest Mannatech Products Supplier and give them a try.  They are very affordable, all natural, and plant based.

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