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As a Mannatech Independent Distributor I am often asked, “What supplements should I be taking?”  I always reply, “You should start with Ambrotose LIFE!”

Ambrotose LIFE powder is the most important nutritional supplement for your health. It supports your body’s cell-to-cell communication, supports your immune system, supports improved cognitive function and promotes gastrointestinal health. Mannatech believes this non-GMO, low glycemic and gluten-free nutritional supplement does more for your health than any other combination of products ever developed.

Fully validated by 10 different third-party clinical studies, Ambrotose LIFE powder can help your body do amazing things. If you only take one nutritional supplement, Ambrotose LIFE is the one to take.

Trillions of cells in your body communicate with each other to get exactly what they need, but age, stress, unhealthy eating and exposure to our toxic world can impair that ability. Supplementing with glyconutrients, like those found in Ambrotose LIFE, may help your cells communicate better, so they—and you—can be at your healthiest.

Over the past 20 years, Mannatech has invested millions of dollars into research and validation in developing Ambrotose products.

The science behind the development of Ambrotose products started with research done by two scientists trying to find out how the gel of the Aloe plant could have such amazing results in the healing process of various of skin issues.  For years it had been common knowledge that the gel from the Aloe plant could speed the cure of skin abrasions, sun burn, poison ivy, and other issues. 

These scientists were able to isolate the beneficial molecule (Acemannan).  They found that it supplies “glycans” which attach to cells to support cellular communication, which allows for faster healing because the system knows which cells need to be repaired, replaced, or duplicated.  By isolating and then stabilizing these molecules they can be ingested making the glycans available throughout the body.  This is the foundation of the science of “Glyconutrition”, where glyconutrients from Aloe are used in a variety of supplements to produce the best nutritional supplements available.  This was the basis under which Mannatech was founded almost 30 years ago.  Basically these “glycans” act as signal transmitters and receptors so the system can better communicate with all the trillions of cells in the body. 

Ambrotose has always been a key product in the Mannatech line starting with Ambrotose Complex, then Advanced Ambrotose, and now Ambrotose LIFE. Advanced Ambrotose Capsules are still available, but the bulk powder canisters have been replaced by Ambrotose LIFE 100g canisters.  Ambrotose LIFE is also available in convenient “slim stick” form (two flavors) that makes a refreshing drink for those “on the go”.  For more information about these products contact us today!

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