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It is widely accepted common knowledge that we, as North American Adults, do not get all the nutritional support we need to maintain optimal health from the foods we eat.  There are several reasons for this, here are a few:

A lot of the problem comes from not taking the time, or making the effort, to eat well balanced meals.  Couple that with our increasing dependence on preprocessed and/or “fast” foods, and it’s easy to see how many of us might not be getting good nutritional support from the foods we consume.  These problems can be partially remedied by taking the time to eat well balanced meals.  That is, of course, assuming you take the time!

Those people willing to take the time to plan healthy well balanced meals have another set of problems to deal with.  The vegetables available to most of us no longer have the vitamins and minerals we would have expected them to just 20 years ago.  The reasons for the decrease in vitamin content stems from two problems.  The first has to do with the fact that the majority of our available vegetables are grown in depleted soils.  Crop after crop is produced in the same fields year after year, and the end result is that vital nutrients have been depleted from the soil.  Growers add fertilizers (as well as pesticides… a topic for another day) to get better field production, but their focus is on “pounds” produced, not the nutritional value of the produce.  The second reason has to do with harvest practices.  In order to maintain the maximum time the produce is “attractive” for purchase, most vegetables are harvested before they are ripe so they ripen in transit to the market.  By harvesting before achieving ripeness, the vegetables are robbed of the all-important time needed to fully absorb what nutritional value might have been available in the soil.  To prove my point compare the taste of a store bought tomato with one picked ripe from a back yard garden!

Vitamins and minerals are the building blocks our bodies use to make cells our bodies are made of.  Cells are in constant need of nourishment to stay healthy, repair damage, and replace cells that are no longer viable.  If you don’t provide good vitamin and mineral content to your body, you cannot maintain optimal health, it’s that simple!

Following this line of reasoning it is clear that everyone interested in maintaining optimal health NEEDS to supplement their diet to get the vitamins and minerals that are missing from their diet.  This raises questions about what vitamins we should be taking, as well as how effective they might be.  I would suggest that everyone should take the best nutritional supplements they can find, while explaining that all vitamin and mineral supplements are not “created” equal.  Most of the vitamins available on the market today are “manufactured” from petrochemicals, and the minerals are sourced from grinding up rocks.  While the “manufactured” vitamins might be in the bottle, the question is are they bioavailable?  The same question can be asked of these ground up rocks.  Our bodies were not designed to source vitamins from petrochemicals, and/or minerals from rocks, we were designed to get both from plants.  Studies have shown that most of the vitamin and mineral supplements we take today pass through our systems unused and end up in the sewer system without providing much, if any, of the intended benefit.

The best nutritional supplements you can provide your body are those sourced from plants because they are in a form your body can recognize and utilize.  Mannatech produces their Catalyst Multivitamin tablets from plants, and utilizes a number of plant sources to produce a well-balanced mixture of the vitamins and minerals we all need on a daily basis. Mannatech also distributes Optimal Support Packets which contain Catalyst Multivitamin tablets and specific immune booster supplements.

This is why we are proud to be Mannatech Independent Distributors.

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