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It’s common knowledge that most adults in North America don’t get all the nutrition they need for optimal health from their diets.  Even the major medical organizations have made claims that we just can’t maintain optimal health without supplementation.  To help us navigate the complex assortment of various vitamins and minerals offered, Mannatech offers their “Optimal Support Packets” (OSP) product.  This product bundle includes three key products in 60 individual packets to make it convenient to get what you need twice a day.  First we have “PLUS” which provides the nutritional support for optimal hormone production.  Hormones support all our glands as well as intercommunication between organs. Next we have “AO” which support immune function.  Finally we have “Catalyst” which is a high quality plant based multi vitamin.

As an Optimal Support Packets Supplier Kiwanis Marketing also suggests the addition on Mannatech’s AmbrotoseLIFE.  Ambrotose has been Mannatech’s most popular product for over 25 years due to its clinically proven ability to improve overall health by enhancing cellular communication.  All the systems in your body rely on the intercommunication of cells to function properly.  Ambrotose provides the key to optimal cellular communication by supplying the eight essential “Glycans” that attach to the cells as act as receptors.  These “Glycans” let your system (body) communicate with your cells so they know what your cells need.  It could be nutrition, or a signal to reproduce or repair.  It could be to eliminate damaged cells. Mannatech bundles AmbrotoseLIFE and their OSP product at a discount to provide a solid base to satisfy all your needs making this the perfect men’s Mannatech Product.

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