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As a Mannatech Independent Distributor I have the privilege of sharing some of the best nutritional supplements available with my growing list of satisfied customers, but we offer so much more!

In as much as most of Mannatech’s product line is based on glyconutrients from Aloe, it should be no surprise that they also have an exceptional line of skin care products.  One of my personal favorites is Uth Emprizone because EVERYONE would benefit from using this product, and no medicine chest should ever be without it!

If your goal is flawless skin from nature, look no further! Created with botanical ingredients that help counteract the appearance of aging, our unique formula leaves your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. Our Emprizone gel also revitalizes and restores without the use of dyes or chemical fragrances to give you the beautiful skin you’ve always wanted. Start protecting your skin with Uth Emprizone gel today!

BENEFITS: • Significantly reduces redness due to irritation. • Improves resiliency. • Hydrates skin. • Evens skin tone. • Improves elasticity and firmness. • Soothes and moisturizes dry, itchy skin. • Balanced pH-levels. • Paraben free. • Allergy tested. • Dermatologist tested. • Fragrance free. • Free of mineral oil.

Uth Emprizone is also great for reliving the pain of sunburn, the itch of poison ivy, and for faster healing of minor scrapes and abrasions, making is a perfect addition for your first aid kit and/or to take along on your next vacation…. Especially if you have kids!  With vitamins A and E, our aloe-based Emprizone gel is perfect for soothing nicks and irritations after shaving.

FUN FACT:  Mineral oil was once widely used as a mechanical lubricant. It’s a by-product of the process in which petroleum is used to manufacture gasoline. Since mineral oil could harm your skin, we leave it out of our products!

To learn more about Uth Emprizone or any one of our Uth products, contact us today!

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