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From a scientific standpoint “Glyconutrition” is a fairly new term dealing primarily with the benefit of providing all the “Glycans” the body needs to maintain optimal cellular communication.  As simple as that may sound we need a better understanding of how the body works to really understand.

Glycans are specific types of sugar molecules (not the sweet kind!) that attach to the outer walls of our cells and act as receptors and transmitters to send and receive signals from other cells and our “system”.  With optimal cell to cell communication all the cells in the body know what are expected of them as well as get the support they need from our system.  Some cells are old, or damaged, and need to be replaced, so the food supply to them needs to be shut down.  Other cells need to multiply which requires a different “signal”. 

For many years people have kept an Aloe Vera plant in their home to be used to help deal with skin problems.  Skin abrasions, rashes, poison ivy, insect bites, sunburn, and many other things that caused skin discomfort were quickly treated by cutting open a leaf of the Aloe plant and spreading the gel like substance from inside on the affected area.  Until about 30 years ago no one knew how this clear gel worked, they just knew that if you want almost instant relief and fast healing, this was what to do!

Two scientists did the research that found the molecules in the aloe plant that enabled the gel to help heal.  Next they isolated those molecules, stabilized them, and figured out how to add them to other nutritional substances to produce supplements that can have a healing effect on basically all parts of the body.  These discoveries led to the foundation of Mannatech Corporation as well as the “science” of Glyconutrition.  The main ingredient in the aloe plant is “Acemannan” which contains all eight of the necessary glycans the body needs to Support Cellular Communication.

A new science thirty years ago, Glyconutrition is now recognized as the most important scientific medical discovery since penicillin.  Today Mannatech distributes over three dozen of the best nutritional supplements made, based on this science through a network of Mannatech Independent Distributors in 32 countries around the world.

These products run a wide range from their Uth Skin Rejuvenation Cream to Immune Booster Supplements, from Catalyst Multivitamins to TruHealth Maintenance (a healthy plant based fat loss program), from MannaBears for kids to hormonal support for women, and everything in between.

No matter what your health concern, you should search out a Mannatech Products Supplier for more information on how Glyconutrients from Aloe might be able to help.

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