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A sluggish feeling can mean your digestive tract isn't working its best. So help ensure the natural health of your gut with MannaCLEANSE capsules that help support a healthy environment in the intestinal tract so you can feel amazing.*

Our MannaCLEANSE capsules are designed to help the body's lower digestive tract by:

  • Supporting the natural ecology of the intestines.*
  • Supporting the body's abilities to fully break down food particles.*
  • Combining natural fibers, herbs, fatty acids and probiotics to help provide a healthy environment for the intestinal tract.*
  • Supplying oat bran, psyllium and plant cellulose.*
  • Supplying herbs like ginger root, rosemary and peppermint.*
  • Furnishing the intestinal tract with classic Ambrotose complex, fatty acids, digestive enzymes and beneficial microflora.*

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